Acquire New Inventory

When your wholesale allocations no longer match your retail sales volume we are here to help! Our nationwide network of clients allows us to provide you with opportunities to buy vehicles outright from other dealerships, without the need to give up your inventory as a trade.

Move Aged Vehicles

Occasionally you may get stuck with vehicles that don’t sell in your market. You may also find yourself with too many of a particular model that are low in demand in your region. Our team of account managers are able to find dealerships who are willing to purchase these vehicles, often without requiring you to take on extra inventory that you may not need in return.

Fill Fleet Orders

When you work with AAT you don’t have to turn companies away when they want to purchase a large number of vehicle at once from your store. We can work with dealerships across the nation to bring in vehicles that meet your specs and help you complete your deal.

Specialty Vehicles

We have you covered when you need or need to profit from vehicles that are not normally kept in stock. Whether you are looking for a specific Raptor for a customer, need to stock up on extra Shelbys, or want to sell your incoming allocations for a profit we can help!

Free Up Floor Plan

Running out of room on the lot? Winter storms headed your way? Selling the dealership? We can help no matter what your reason for needing to free up floor plan is. Our team of account managers are trained to find the best solution for your circumstances.

Stay Ahead of Trends

Since we started our business in 2012 we have helped dealerships in all areas of the United States take advantage of the market. Not only is our team trained to help our clients stay ahead of new programs and changing seasons, we pride ourselves in assisting our ability to help clients stay ahead of unexpected market changes as well.